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Power to Change

From London to Beijing, people are plugged into the media; North African teenagers watch MTV on satellite, young men in Kabul surf porn sites in cyber cafés, men and women of every age watch videos which are pirated on a massive scale across Asia.

Most of these people have not rejected the Christian faith - they've simply not had the chance to understand it properly. They may never have that chance unless Christians creatively use the media to 'gossip the gospel'. The media has enormous power to influence the way people think, feel and act - but Jesus is the only one who can truly change the human heart.

People need to hear about Him in a way that makes sense - they need to hear Jesus speak their language.

"Any medium should be a creative channel, enabling a dialogue, a sharing.
And who has more to share than the Christian? Karios' focus on local media
for local people is one I unreservedly endorse - they deserve our support."

Nick Page, Broadcaster


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